Let me share you a story, A story of how being positive helped me, when the time I almost about to give up.

Somewhere in Quezon City, few years ago, when I was in college taking BS in Nursing, as a policy, agreed by the university and the enrollees upon the enrollment, we, students, in order for us to graduate, we must first pass an exam. And we called it “The Comprehensive Exam”. Unfortunately, I failed.

What happened depressed me, became envied, I asked myself several times, why others passed and I don’t. And it came to the point that I pitied myself. Different reasons why I failed sprouted across my mind; most reasons are illogical, like, I am dumb, useless and worse I think that I am worthless.
Good thing, I was able to shift my views and look at it in a different perspective. Instead of being negative on what happened, I looked at it as a message from God saying;

My son, you are not ready yet.

I realized, the reason why I failed, is not because I am dumb, nitwit or having low IQ, is not because I am useless and worthless, And not because God doesn’t love me, but because, God wanted me to prepare more so that I will become competent that I could serve better to the people whom God also love.
Accepting the fact that I wasn’t today, doesn’t mean I won’t be. So, I opened up my books, read it. Chatted some important notes, reviewed and memorized it. And two days later, God gave me another chance in a form of a makeup exam. And gladly, I passed it. And then, I graduated with a smile.

Months later, I engaged again to a new exam called, the board exam qualifier. And since I have reviewed a lot, again I passed. I took the board exam, and guess what? I am now a Registered Nurse, serving our country as a call center agent. Hehe! Joke. Now, I'm a proud  member of a rescue team. ^_^

Do I look like a celebrity? I know! bwahahaha

I was supposed to be the rescuer, not the victim!! grrrr. hehe


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  1. Nid rin ba English comment hehehe? engot ako sa english eh..panu ba yun?

  2. Well done. I strongly believe that things happen for a reason =) I bet you're enjoying your job as part of the rescue team =)

    Hey, thanks for dropping by =D

  3. yo! thanks for droppin by my bhaus! hahah! you look cute for being the victim! lol

  4. whew!
    don't know what to say..

    nice one enchong..^_^

  5. May kilala akong bloggers na kamuka mo. Anyway, You're right God will not give us something if we're not ready for it.

    Congratulations for passing the board exam. I know how it feels to accomplish something like that!

  6. well this one's inspiring.

    i admire you for that.. ^_^

  7. @kalokang pinoy- yap i enjoyed being a rescuer^_^

    @iya, tnx. hehe

    @anonymous- tnx, hahahaha

    @mayen- really? is he cute? ahahaha

    @pauch- you look familliar. hehe

  8. hi new friend.. :) haha i like your blogs.. and I can relate to this,. xe naman nursing din pinagaralan cu, But im working in a callcenter.. :DD

  9. "I am now a Registered Nurse, serving our country as a call center agent."

    this is so true. =(