yes! Yourself, to enjoy the travel, I think that it is best to forget all your problems and worries for awhile. It will help you to appreciate more.

Travelling alone is ok, but travelling with friends is still the best

3.Wallet and some Extra bucks
never forget to bring your wallet, because this can make you tall when sitting.haha. joke this will help you enjoy more. Buy some souvenirs. Yehey.

4.Shirt and pants
if you don’t want to be naked try bringing some. Hahaha.

5First aid kit
Never forgets to bring some first aid kit. We don’t know what might happen during the course of travel. It is better to be ready. Kit should have some bandages, gauzes, disinfectants, splints and some
medicines like analgesic and antipyretic. And don’t forget some clean water.

6.Cellphone, charger and an extra battery
I think I don’t need to emphasize the importance of this. Hehehe.

7.Personal belongings
this includes toothbrush, towel and anything that is personal

always wear your smile

9. Camera
Of course! never forget to capture your happy  moments.I have a little tip. Let your friends bring the camera, so that you will always be in the picture. hehe

I think this is the most important thing to do before and after a travel. Pray and be thankful

I hope this informations are helpful.hehe

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  1. i envy you.. traveling seems a part of your daily existence.. ako kci when someone invites me, most of the time, i'd get lazy and say no thanks, i'd rather sit and read the latest book i bought.. hehe..

    you're right, it won't do to travel without $$$. its not only for the souvenirs but also for hotel money, transpo or exotic foods. (;

    and it wont make any sense if you don't bring a cam, where we take pictures to prove that we have been traveling to these amazing places!

    in case i am required to travel, i will have to read this post again.. hehe

  2. hi!
    i like to travel…but most of my travels are around metro manila or provinces adjacent to metro manila hahaha

    i like the things you’ve listed here…ano ba ang wala ko…hmmm first aid kit!

    pero di mawawala sa akin ang laptop, need ko kasi sa work and for my blog

    have a nice weekend!

  3. i like the way you write nice post! you should write more often! lels

  4. wow ikaw na talaga ang over achiever.. You know what I mean. read my other comment on your other blog. Anyway, this fun to read and helpful at the same time. I am like karen these days I'd rather stay home and watch movies than travel because I know it will make me tired and I don't want to get tired. Not yet.

  5. i think prayer should be the first! :)
    may nakalimutan kang dalahin..underwear! ahahaha

  6. nice, kelangan ko rin lahat yan.....

  7. i have a list of things to bring when traveling that I posted on my bedroom wall.. number 1 in the list is underwear.. why?? i went camping once and i forgot to bring any knickers.. of course i was just 8 years old then but it was scary to be in the same knickers for days.. :P

  8. Great tips, thanks for sharing.

  9. Lol of course we have to bring ourselves, there will be no trips done if we forget ourselves at home. Wahhh hehehe. Thanks for the visit. Anne’s Sweet Life and btw do you mind to visit me here SAHM’s Online Diary, too? Thanks

  10. You just described my list:D

  11. hahahaha, you seems lie a doctor traveller.. LOL

  12. going out of town without extra undies. that happened to me. funny and memorable. hahaha. (--,)

  13. Eiyowhz pfowhz kua MG!!!!
    sbi ko pfowhz sa blog n ksama din pfowhz ang mga bagong dayo sa blog ko para dun s award..jejeje..eniwi special
    delivery ko na pfowhz dito ang award you gowhz....

  14. ayan parang san ka na naman ata pupunta ngayon? hehehe

  15. nice post! traveling is such a nice hobby!