My friends and I decided to try something new. And since we are all fan of counter strike, we decided to try any laser tag arena games. Searching on the internet, we found out that one of  the nearest laser tag games in manila  is located in Market! Market, Taguig. Wasting no time, we hurriedly packed our things up.


The objective of the game, is to protect and conquer bases.and of course tagging your opponents.Your score will depend on the spot where you tagged someone. The team who will score the highest, will be declared as a winner.  
 It was our first time playing, and still we managed to won  the game. hehe

Playing as codename zenith, I admit that I am not the one who carried the team to won the game, but still I got the 3rd highest points overall. hehe. Not bad for a beginner like me.

I wasn't so sure about this, But I think a 20 minutes game  will cost about 150-200 Php per head. The game is a little expensive but If you are  an avid fan of counterstrike, I am sure that you will enjoy playing this game.  

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  1. cool! i think my boys are going to like that!!!

  2. hey i think i've seen this sa Rated K. loll. was it any good? is it worth the bucks you paid for? id like to try it too. heard it costs tons, i wouldn't be able to afford if i get addicted with this game. so i hope i wont get addicted. he he

  3. I'm not a counterstrike fan but I think I will enjoy that.

    Yihaa.. Tama ako na you are kikilabotz. Naks umi-english ka ngayon ah? hey ok naman ang english mo ah? lagi mo kasi sinasabi sa comment na parang hindi. Kaw talaga.. nabilib tuloy ako sayo kasi magaling ka sa Filipino and English. Thumbs up. :)

  4. Like! This game will make you perspire... totally. It's like having a total workout. Playing laser tag is worth the amount that tyou will be paying.

  5. hey the guy there looks familiar. hehe

  6. I really want to try this!

    *inggit much:)