"Man belongs where man wants to go"

I can say that one of the most unforgettable mornings I ever had is the morning I spent in the rocky beach of Currimao, Ilocos Norte. Just like anybody, I never expect that in just 2kms away from Paoay, I will saw of one the best food-for- the- eye place of the Philippines, the Pangil Beach Resort.

a pee a day makes the clown fish go away. hehe.

It was so unbelievable how  clear the water from the beach is. I dont even need to use some goggles  to peep for   some legs. hahaha . kidding. The Water reminded me of one important lessons of  life

Be clear of what you want

When you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve it will focus your attention and motivate you to take action.  Your vision will give you drive and determination to succeed despite challenging circumstances.  Furthermore a clear vision will ignite your creative energies and assist you in seeking out opportunities so that you can achieve that vision. 
Without a clear vision you will have a tendency to meander and loose focus.  When you have a precise knowing of what you want to achieve, you can concentrate all of your efforts to achieve greater results.  Clarify your vision today. - source

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  1. gustong gusto ko tlaga makapunta sa North, halos na-exlore ko na ang South, malayu kc sa amin ang north.

    anyways, thanks for the lovely shoots.

  2. kainggit naman dyan!!! so clear ng tubig!

  3. ay puro bato.. hehe

    natawa ako don sa last picture.. haha! may this is me ka pang nalalaman..:P

  4. Clarify your vision today...^_^

    Sana nga clear ang vision mo now..hehehehe :P

  5. What a lovely palce. I wish we had more time noong nagpunta kami ng Ilocos so we could've explored it more--- sana makabalik & ill make sure we visit this place =)

  6. "a pee a day makes the clown fish go away."

    -wth? seriously? hehe..

    nakakainggit ka talaga! how do you manage to do that??? lage ka nagtratravel ee.. nagduduty ka na ba sa hospital? (;

    for a bum like me, nakakapagod ang lifestyle mo. pero seeing those photos its worth it naman, di ba? (;

  7. kailangan talga may arrow...hahaha...funny thou...but your right we need to be clear on what we want in life to have focus so we can take the right action:)