Let me share you an inspiring story of one of the most respected blogger in the blogosphere, Ms Leah of Leah’s treasure.

MG:   Ms Leah, what is the greatest problem you encountered in your life?

Leah:  The greatest problem I've encountered... Not knowing who I am, what I should do or where I should be. You know the feeling of NOT knowing who you are? It sucks! It's frustrating. I was lost. It happened when I was in college. I wanted to find myself on my own. There really is nothing wrong about that.. But I think what I did wrong was, I closed my heart to all of the people who loved me. I just did everything that I wanted, not bothering to consider taking their advice, not bothering to accept their help. I was selfish. I just did what I wanted to do, and didn't think about the consequences. In the process, I've caused much pain and hurt to my loved ones. That was truly a dark time for me.

MG:  Having this kind of dilemma, what comes in your mind? 

Leah: During that time of being selfish, I was numb. As I said, I just closed my heart. I did things that disappointed my family and hurt my friends. All the while, I was thinking of giving up. It was never easy not knowing who you are, not knowing where you fit in. In the process of finding myself, I just got lost. And the temptation to just "END" it all was overpowering. Then, the time of enlightenment came. I realized that though my intention of finding myself was good, I did all the wrong things. Then, the feeling of GUILT came. And it was more painful. I regret doing the things I've done and how I wish I could just take them all back.

MG: How did you overcome this?

Leah:  I prayed. I asked for God's help, that may He give me the strength to face the consequences of what I've done. I asked for His forgiveness. I asked forgiveness from the people I've hurt. It was hard. But I know that I have to, in order to make things right. And then after that, I forgave myself.

MG: So, what or who inspired you to pursue?

Leah: .My family. My true friends. They are the only people who didn't let me go. They didn't give up on me. They were there the whole time, trying to knock some sense into my head. I really was grateful that they really did knock some sense into my stubborn head. I'm thankful to them. And they make me want to continue living and enjoying my borrowed life.

MG: Ms Leah, What did you felt after you succeed in overcoming this problem?

Leah:  When I got through that dark time in my life, I felt light and happy. I felt relieved. I'm thankful that I have a very loving family, and some TRUE friends who never gave up on me.

MG: Last question ate Leah, What life lessons have you learned solving this problem?

Leah: There are lots of Life lessons in my story. First, family is family. The fake persons in your life may leave you, but only the true people who really care will not abandon you during your darkest moments. I used to take my family for granted. Now, I do what I can to appreciate them. Because they're the only people that I could truly count on when times get rough.

Second. It is never a bad thing to ask for help. Pride usually stops up from accepting help from the people around us. I used to think that I'd look weak if I ask for some assistance. Now I know that it just makes me look stupid to act like I can do things without them, when I know I can't.

Third. Saying you're sorry is never an easy feat. It is an admission of guilt or fault. But asking for forgiveness is not a weakness. It is strength. People make mistakes.. I made some mistakes. But the important thing is I learned something. I've changed my ways and I'm trying to do better.

Lastly. There is always a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. There is always a shining light at the end of a tunnel. Everyone of us has dark, hopeless moments. And we usually seek to find the easiest way out. But the true people in our lives will never leave us. GOD will never leave us. So we shouldn't give up on life. Because it is simply beautiful. And we don't have any reason, any right to waste it.

Thank you ate Leah for sharing your one of a kind story. This will truly inspire a lot  of people . God bless you


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  1. naks naman c leah sa hot seat ni Kikilabotz...

  2. Sobrang daming exposure ni ate leah!!! haha! inspiring naman tlaga si ate! :D
    ganda ng mga words of wisdom nya :D

  3. You've welcome, Marvin.. and thank you, too.. :)

  4. naks naman si Leah daming exposure sa mga blogs! hahaha. pero true i agree sa mga sinabi mo, lalo na sa sinabi mo about sa family. i used to take them for granted nung college ako kasi lagi nila ako pinakikialaman, binabawalan etc etc eh ang angsty ko at dami gusto gawin. but now i appreciate na rin ung pagiging strict nila. at least i became disciplined :) thank you for sharing your story, and for MG para sa kanyang "interview" with the Leah Sayomac hehe

  5. Truly inspiring. I love the part when leah say that family are the people you can truly count on during tough times. I strongly believe that.

    thanks for this kikilabotz and Leah.. :)

  6. I agree with Leah with the life lessons:

    1. Family is a family! That is so true. People who once walk in our lives could come and go and may love you in a span of time but would eventually leave you in the end. The only solace left is our family.

    2. Pride. One of the 7 deadly sins and it done a lot of harm not only to me but the rest of us who let it endure our lives.

    3.Asking for forgiveness. I think the one that hinders us in doing this is number 2 and more so of the fact that we are shameful to admit that we committed mistaked.

    4. We shouldn't give up on life.

    Thanks for sharing Leah's Tresure!!!

  7. geabe to the nth power na kasikatan ni te leah.. heheh makapaautograph nga dito.. hehehe

  8. Akala ko'y naligaw ako ng blog hahaha. Uso pala talaga ngayon ang interview sa mga blogger :)

    Congrats, Leah. You deserve it.

  9. sikat na si leah oh,,,marvin haha,,,ikaw na umienglish lol~

  10. Very well said & oh so true. Thanks Leah & kikilabotz for this inspiring post =)

  11. huwaw!! sikat na sikat si Ms Leah..

    kiklabz, bago tong bahay mo ah, i mean bagong bihis at MG ka ngyn.. VERY NICE

  12. ive always like the way ms leah talks, er, i mean, blogs. idol ko sya. hehe

    ill say amen to every thing she said!

    nice post!(;