letting go is healing

Let me start this by sharing a story.

There once a man who went walking along a cliff-edge. He strayed from the path, lost his footing, and fell over the edge. As he fell towards the deep blue sea, he grabbed at a branch of thorns. Hanging there, daring not to let go, the man began to shout “Is there anybody there?”
“Yes”, came the reply
“Who is it?”  Asked the man
“Help me, God”, prayed the man
“Let go and   leap”, said God
The man thought for a moment, and then he shouted
“Is there anybody else there?”
This may sound funny, but the funnier part is that the story is not just a fictional story. This happens in real life. This is a true to life story. This is very common among us, and maybe, this is also your story.
Just like the man in the story, there were times that we suffer from too much pain and yet we keep on holding on to the source of the pain. The longer we hold on, the longer the pain is. Although we realize d this fact, why are there so many people still afraid to let go? The answer is, because of fear. It is because we are afraid to the bad things that may happen to us afterwards. We forget to trust God, to trust the future.
So remember this quote
When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go. Only 1 of 2 things will happen, either He’ll catch you when you fall, or He’ll teach you how to fly!
The man in the story wants it both ways- he wants to cling to pain and be free! You cannot do both.

All too often we refuse to let go of our fears until we can see love, but we cannot see love until we are first willing to let go of our fears. Similarly, we will not give up our defence until we are safe; but we cannot be safe until we are first willing to let go our defences. Again, we cling to our painful until we are sure of a bright future; but there will be no bright future until we surrender our past. We are so reluctant to give up our suffering before we are happy again; but happiness cannot happen until we let go of our suffering.
It is once you are willing to let go of your illusions that truth can unfold; It is only once you are willing to let go of your pain that joy can take hold. It is only once are willing to let go of your grievances that peace will reign; It is only once you are willing to let go of your limitations that you will be free again. Healing is letting go.  - happiness now

Before ending this, Let me share you some lines from
True Love always requires us to let go and to trust God.

I am not saying that we dreamers should not dream. But, what I am saying is that sometimes we hold on too much to a dream that is already broken and destroyed beyond repair. What I am saying is sometimes we sit around the ashes thinking that one day these ashes will change into something beautiful. Yes, I believe that God can bring beauty from the ashes, but it always requires us to get up from the dark place of life, to let go, and to trust in Him completely to guide our paths. We must get up and allow God to give us new dreams.

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