"I want to travel" I remembered those lines when I said it to myself few months ago. I always wanted to travel because this gives me the opportunity to appreciates what God have created for us. That there are thousands of reason for us to smile. Those green trees that always relaxes our eyes, The cool breeze of air as it touches our skin, And the unforgettable experiences that we get as we go along. These never fails me to enjoy life.

God is great, Again He created miracle.2 days later after I have decided that I will travel, my brother Kuya Atan asked me if i could join him explore the province of Davao. He also said that he will be the one responsible for paying all the expenses during the  course of travel. Gratefully, I answered yes. This proved me one thing...

That  the best things in life are free. hahaha

 This was my first time on a plane that's why I look so anxious. hehe


skyrider- 2nd longest zip lines in the philippines



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  1. hi thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

    Your brother is so sweet to pay for everything on your vacation. Davao looks awesome. I haven't been the there. I wish to visit someday! I followed you. :) thanks.

  2. wow.. so how do i get to this place? where in davao? ((:

  3. i love the last pic btw, being a pet lover. thanks for visiting my blog. i got a new book review btw. ((:

  4. kikilabotz!! I figured it out. MG stands for Marvin Gaspar. Correct me if I'm wrong. hehe

  5. nagtataka ako sino ba tong MG na nagcomment sa blog ko...LOL at nagbinuksan ko yung blog mo, parang kamukha mo si kikilabotz...lintek ka ikaw lang din pala yan... Bagong bahay mo pare?