A curious I, tried the amazing law to test whether it’s true or not. The experiment is to think for a thing or a scene wherein the possibility to happen is possible but not that usual. And I said to myself that if it’s happens then the law is genuine. Upon walking on my office, I saw a piece of fork lying on the surface of the floor. This gave me an idea. If that fork would be bend without me touching it. Then the law of attraction is true.

I closed my eyes for a moment. I visualized a bent fork. I’ve done this for more than a couple of times. Believing what I imagined is true and tangible. And moments later, the time when I about to pee. I looked outside my office, placed at the top of the table. I saw a fork. Bent exactly the way I have imagined. And that made my awesome day.

Having the idea of the law of attraction is real, lightens me up. I felt that the heavy burden i was carrying in my entire life was lifted. Hope was reintroduced to my life. I felt some kind of fire just burst within me. The feeling was so amazing.

I felt that with this or using this law, I can be somebody. The “somebody” I wanted to be.


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