The law of attraction is real. This six word sentence made me realized that I shouldn’t be thinking of negative thoughts because it can ruin my day, or worse my life. And in order for me to attain what i really want (which is happiness) I must think of happiness or thoughts that can make me happy.

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Positivity, that’s what we call it. These simple words can have a great impact to our life if we can manage to attain it or apply it to ourselves. And for us to be positive, first we must be very careful to the words we are using. Words are powerful.  The way we uses it can make other life happy or make others life destroyed depending. So again, We must be very careful on choosing words.

Delete negative words in your vocabulary. Such as fear, hate, afraid, give up, problem and anything that can make you feel bad when you hear it. What you should do, is to replace those words with positive words. (I Can, I love, and thank you) Words like these will inspire and motivates you as well as for the others.


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