When the time I had decided to find my way back to happiness, I’ve asked myself several times.
"What are the things that can make me happy?" Unfortunately, I can’t think even a single thing that can make me happy. Days have passed and still, I can’t get of an answer.

Accidentally I found a book in my brother's room. A book named “Don’t worry be happy" written by Mr Bo Sanchez. God is so good that He show me that book. I just realized that the book was really meant for me.

With this book, I learned that people are unhappy because they live in fear. As well as me, I have fear of being unloved and fear to be hurt again. And I found out in this book the antidote for fear. It was called love. And the first person who will love me most is me. Myself. And then others will follow.

So I listed things that I loved in myself.

I love
my eyes
my smile
my way of making pacute
my inocent look
my attitude
my respectfullness
my kindness
my friendliness
my naughtiness
my sense of humor
my self control
my lovingness
my way of using my imagination
my body
my healthy body
my way of writting
my way of making others happy
my looks
my way of dancing
my way of singing
being bolero
everything i am

And thanks God for giving me all of this

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  1. aaah..kya pla kilala mo c Bo..
    ok na sana eeh..hekhek

    galing nya no?^_^

  2. Wow! So true! Fear keeps on from being happy.